The FFUN SDG-HELP.UA Team is the official branch of the Foundation for United Nations SDg that is permanently stationed in Ukraine to deal with the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine, resulting from Russian military aggression, invasion, and war. We deal with a number of aid-related emergency issues and requests: delivery of the Humanitarian aid into hot spots and cut off locations around the country, running the hotline of support and urgent help, relocation of civilians from hot spots, and cut off locations into the safe zone, providing IDP settlement with humanitarian aid. We act under a full autorotation and mandate of the Foundation for United Nations SDg and the head governance of Christina Katrakis - Ambassador for International Relations, the Foundation for United Nations SDg - whose currently on the ground in Ukraine, personally supervising all Humanitarian activity of the Foundation for United Nations SDg there. 

Please know that our team on the ground does the impossible - possible, performing courageous miracles every day in Ukraine at a time of immense crisis.


Our Mission

There’s a dire need for support and funding, since we are non-profit and only your donations support the vital aspects of our activity on the ground at times of war, such as the purchase of gasoline and diesel for our cars and trucks, so that we may continue to deliver urgent aid to hot spots and cut off locations, and relocate civilians to safety; and constant purchase of food, water, medicine and aid supply for those in need.


Our Vision

Every little bit - makes a huge difference and saves lives!

Be a Hero and help us to save lives in Ukraine!