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Right now our FFUN SDG-Help UA team needs Your Help with the production and completion of a documentary film by the renowned, 24 Emmy Award winning, American film director - David Van Hooser. This film is being produced at David’s own Light Hand Productions, LLC, with a planned-for release on a national scale.

This film showcases the incredible work of our FFUN SDG - HELP UA team on the ground in Ukraine, since the first months of war. David came and lived with our team at our base in Vorokhta during the first months of open war conflict in Ukraine (April-May 2022). Above all, his film showcases the unbroken, fearless and defiant spirit of Ukrainian people, who daily shield with their own bodies the rest of the Western World from terror. It reveals true values of democracy and light against tyranny and darkness. It tells stories of the evacuation of pregnant women from Mariupol and the magical birth of new hope along the way; of Nazi camp survivors, who state that Russian terror rivals that of Nazis during WWII; of children around the age of six who stopped talking after massive shelling; of families fleeing under bombs, hoping to save the lives of their children; of wounded warrior husbands returning home after defending Bucha and Irpin.  

And yet, against all odds - this film tells a story of Love, of Healing and of unbroken Faith. Of our FFUN SDG - HELP UA team members who willingly donate warehouses and workspace, and build new housing at our base to help those who lost all; of dozens of IDP volunteers packaging and delivering aid to other displaced people and to the frontlines daily; of Ukrainians preserving their culture and history as treasured jewels at time of War; of a people Uniting as One to stand for Truth, for Life and Light against the Evil Darkness of Aggression.

FFUN SDG - HELP UA urges you to join us on the mission of making this Film a Reality!

Please Help FFUN SDG - HELP UA Film Campaign Reach its Goal!

Read More & Donate Here - 

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