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Please know that our team on the ground does the impossible - possible, performing courageous miracles every day in Ukraine at a time of immense crisis. There’s a dire need for support and funding, since we are non-profit and only your donations support the vital aspects of our activity on the ground at times of war, such as: the purchase of gasoline and diesel for our cars and trucks, so that we may continue to deliver urgent aid to hot spots and cut off locations, and relocate civilians to safety; and constant purchase of food, water, medicine and aid supply for those in need. Every little bit - makes a huge difference and saves lives!


Our non-profit organization - Foundation for United Nations SDG - is part of the United Nations SDG initiative (official UN SDG registration #38097). Prior to the full-blown invasion, which happened on February 24th 2022, our office in Ukraine represented Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on ecology, rights, education, culture etc. But as the full-blown war began, we had to regroup and stand for all 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the face of the rapidly-growing Humanitarian Crisis. Hence, such SDG goals as: no poverty, zero hunger, clean water and sanitation, equality and human rights, good health, decent work, peace and justice etc. - changed from theory to hands-on mission on the ground in Ukraine now.  


We are fully non-profit organization and as such, rely on donations and aid only - in order to Help us to Continue on Helping! While we can help the UN organisation in its SDG initiative, fundraising and officially contribute to the UN SDG Global Program, according to our registry with the UN SDG head office from 2020 (official UN SDG registration #38097)  - we Do Not Receive Funds or Aid from Them in return. Hence, all the funding for SDG on our official site  - goes directly to the UN SDG Head Office for international SDG Campaign and not to our Ukrainian Mission. 


Thus for the 'fast personal donations' aimed to help our Humanitarian Relief Effort in Ukraine during the War and Crisis, a ‘Donate PayPal’, functioning under personal Ambassadorial supervision, has been established. Christina Katrakis, as an Official Ambassador for the Foundation for United Nations SDG - was granted full mandate by the President and the Head Office of the Foundation for United Nation SDG  and took on a responsibility to monitor personally every donation via the 'Donation PayPal' link on our site .  And as such, this option for 'fast personal donations' still remains valid, solid, direct and fully-accountable for, it also allows us to overcome any scam and misplacement of funds. 

Of course, as a fully non -profit and part of the UN SDG mission Fund - we are fully accountable for all the donations that come through this site and for all Humanitarian Aid distribution from our Storage. And of course, as the UN SDG based organization we concentrate our efforts on civilians, kids, families, elderly and people with special needs. So far, donations have been used to obtain food, aid, install water filtering systems for IDP housing, help IDPs in need, evacuate wounded  civilians and cover the gasoline cost for our trucks, so that we could continue on bringing aid to our Base in Vorokhta. 


For official funding of our team and Humanitarian Aid funding by the official organizations, companies, institutions, funds - we have an official account in the name of the Foundation for the United Nations SDG. And official agreements, contracts and memorandums are a vital part of such cooperation. We welcome Partnerships and Cooperation - You can Contact Us for details.

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