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Our Team Makes the Impossible - Possibles Daily!

Our FFUN SDG-HELP UA Base and Storage in Vorokhta, Ukraine had already begun its work as soon as the 3rd day of the Russian invasion and war in February 2022. And our FFUN SDG-HELP UA has not stopped since! We are pleased to present open monthly reports on all the aid delivered and distributed. The numbers of recipients, be it full truck loads or individuals, speak for themselves. This means your donations touch thousands of precious lives who rely on our aid, and thousands of lives that continue to be provided for during this war and humanitarian crisis. These open monthly reports are available to all our Partners and Donors. They truly show the Impact of yourgenerous Donations and Aid!
Of course, none of this would have been possible if not for our amazing FFUN SDG-HELP UA Team. Every moment of every day these dedicated and caring people truly make the impossible – possible! They are our superheroes!
Our deep thanks to all who have helped us raise funds, plus deliver the aid and food! Please help us continue to help and save lives - DONATE! Together we shall prevail!

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